Thursday, 5 February 2009

what to buy for Valentines day?

It's hard to think what to get without repeat oneself. Chocolates are a popular choice but beware! The lady in your life may berate you for adding to her waistline.
Flowers are a good bet but the question is : red roses or not red roses ..mmm could be misconstruied.
Music is a good choice for a romantic present. It needs to be the right kind of course. Not rap or metal but the ballad. How to find one that's just right and not too syrupy? well personal taste of course, but how about Norah Jones, Carla Bruni or newcomer Ruby Paul with brand new album 'Forbidden Fruit' featuring the sultry title track and classics such as 'Close to You' in crisp contemporary style. Perfect gift for him or her.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Is the music CD dying?

Key physical distributers such as pinnacle- who supplied the woolworths group- have collapsed. It looks like the CD as a product is moribund.
We should not despair though because the music contained within it lives on. People are still listening. Music is the soundtrack to their lives, on their phones, ipods, PC's and TV sets. Well known musicians have lifestlyes we all aspire too and still attain celebrity status. The product's value is still intact, little changed since the advent of popular music in the 1900's.
Music is still being consumed in large amounts, but there is a big difference in that most musicians and their representatives cannot now make a profit from CD sales. Downloads are profitable but do not generate the anything like the legal revenue they should. The recent report in Digital Britain has found that only 10% of all downloads are legally paid for.
The sales of physical CD's are declining sharply and their retail value has gone through the floor. Part of the problem is that people are reluctant to pay for something they might get free elsewhere. Imagine that half the country had tapped unhindered into a free source of electricity: wouldn't the other half then be up in arms about paying their bill?
Many people are consuming copyrighted material for free. In other mediums this is called theft. All the people who have worked, sweated and given of themselves to create the music are being robbed.
Why should musicians be expected to work for free? It's the same old story. Many musicians live in hope of 'making it', giving free performances or music in an attempt to get known.
Once they've broken though the glass ceiling, successful performers can earn potentially big money from appearances, but it's not so easy for songwriters or producers or other members in an artist's team to benefit from this income stream.
We should stand up for ourselves and lobby to combat piracy. If technology makes it possible to steal copyrighted material then technology can be developed to protect it.
We know the need for artists and music will never die. But we can't afford to be complacent. We need to put our thinking caps on make sure that the business that supports them survives. Ruby Paul.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Valentines Day Forbidden Fruit

Looks like the new release will be ready for the big day, though I'm not sure how suitable the title song is, well maybe

Forbidden game, forbidden match, forbidden suit
Forbidden win, forbidden prize, forbidden loot
You’re reeled in so tight, when you take the first bite
Hooked on the smell, hooked on the taste
Forbidden fruit

Nice to start getting some reviews through for the new album. Pretty chuffed with this one:

Thursday, 22 January 2009

New Years Resolution (bit Late)

New years Resolutions (a bit late)

1. Keep my blog regularly
2. Get my family to help with the business
3. Get my family to help with the house
4. Sort my life out

Without thinking,I have written them in bullet points.. does that mean these are not just resolutions but 'goals'?I'm just wonderering because I did a goal setting workshop with the lovely Louise on Tuesday night.
Amongst other definitions, a goal is something that can be achieved in between 3-6 months apparently.
So if they are goals I will have to disqualify (4.) as I obviously don't have enough time to achieve it in 3-6months (a lifetime having been insufficient so far)
Now my resolutions (goals, I should say), read:

1. Keep my blog regularly
2.Get my family to help with the business
3.Get my family to help with the house

Writing the word achieve has reminded me of another rule about goals : they should be achievable. I don't think that word can really apply to 2. and 3. (more like 'in your dreams...') so after due consideration my New Years Resolution is as follows:

1. Keep my blog

Feeling pretty good about myself so far today

Ruby x

Saturday, 31 May 2008


You Look the Business

Said Matt of Axis Productions, as I walked into the recording session with my black music case.

It’s become my default handbag for the increasingly common days where going out involves doing business.

Find one toddler with reins , one reluctant teenager, one doggedly ambitious singer and one black music case containing:

Posters, flyers, demo CD’s, stationary, purse and cards, keys, mobile, makeup, apples, wipes, spare tights and knickers (age two to three)

School holidays take us to Pickering to do some pre-publicity for my concert next Wednesday.

A pleasing day, networking and postering; children bribed with sit down meal, ice cream and handmade chocolate (with a thirteen year old it never comes cheap)

Back to the car, pop my stuff down by the passenger side to put Jennifer in the car seat, run round to the other to clear the chair for a fussy teenager and hop in the driver’s seat.

Back in York we pull into Somerfield to top up for our dinner.

Oh dear… no black music case in the car… no black music case in the boot…

…remember black music case is in on the grass verge by a roadside in Pickering.

One remarkably tolerant teenager, one annoying whining toddler, one doggedly ambitious but harressed singer, one hour-long hot, thirsty drive back to Pickering.

One grass verge…

one black music case….


“We will persevere” said my husband , Peter, when I walked in.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Ruby in a red dress

I don't know whether acting on impulse is a good or a bad thing.
Whilst visiting The Press office on Walmgate I was drawn to a red ballgown in the shop Thumbelina opposite.
I thought how wonderful it would look for the new picture I need. A backless halterneck in incredibly soft flowing scarlet satin with a geometric rushe design across the bust, reminiscent of Thirties elegance.
As always, I had to dash, Cinderella like, to collect my daughter from playgroup. However, I did not forget the dress.
I returned two days later to try it on with the hope of hiring it for the photoshoot.
Alas! Too small. Desperate not to be an ugly sister, and with a little persuasion from my friends, I have commissioned my very own made to measure version.
My friend Maria, of Nightowls mobile discos pointed out "some of our DJ's have a really sharp suit which makes them look like they mean business.."
I am selling it to my husband along the lines of an investment.
He does not yet look impressed: but he will be when he sees the finished product.
My first fitting is a week on Tuesday! I can't wait!!! Watch this space for pics.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

If you can't stand the heat get outta the kitchen.

Feeling somewhat overwhelmed lately and I don't know if it's it's the bad cold, heavy period or (by Northern England's standards) the excessive heat of the last few days. When the temperature gauge hits 25 for the first time this year it seems churlish to complain and find oneself longing for rain. However I find myself wondering how those in hot climes get any work done at all as I have dropped off it my chair twice in the last two days.
The mistake I made was sitting in it in the first place: it's a rarity these days as the nearest get to a comfy chair is the ikea computer chair. This is not so comfy these days as three of its six wheels have fallen off so it requires vigilent balancing to stay upright.
If only I had a husband who could fix things, I would be O.k. However, I have never been under any illusions about the practical skills of trusty Pete. In the old days I would have gone to Ikea to buy another one, but now I have no time to go shopping and the house is gradually crumbling and falling apart beneath us: ripped plastic table cloth, hole in the the back gate where rotten planks have fallen through, lots of peeling paintwork, every mug is chipped, we have only five dinner knives, no matching crockery, I have lost the lemon squeezer, need I go on.
In fact I feel incredibly grateful that I still possess the essentials: musical instruments, pen and paper, house, husband and two children. Several less significant things have gone awol in the last few weeks:
1 sheepskin coat
1 suede jacket
1 early learning centre baby (recovered)
1 monkey (stuffed)
several baby cups
numerous lone socks
lemon squeezer (as above)
This later was misplaced along with several 'to be fully idenified' items which all went awol after the collapse of the kitchen drawer. We are only gradually discovering what they are as we can't find them. Looking on the bright side we may never discover we have lost some of them now as now that the evening meal is restricted to stuff like bacon sandwiches and beans on toast we have little use for most utensils.